"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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It's NOT about your amount of followers...

The Magnetic Brand Program

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The magnetic Brand program!

The Magnetic Brand Program is a coaching program that helps established women entrepreneurs get clear about their brand messaging and brand presence so that they can attract their dream clients fast without getting lost in the online overwhelm.

You work way too hard to blend in!

Let's Not sugar coat it...

You’re spinning your wheels, wasting time, 
not knowing what your blind spot is and where the disconnect is with your brand.

You have a fantastic online business, service-based business, lifestyle business or offer but your dream clients aren’t finding you because your messaging is not resonating. 

If you’re talking to the wrong people, you’re wasting your time.
If you’re saying the wrong thing, you’re wasting time.
If your brand presence is shaky, you’re sending the wrong message.
This all results in a business that doesn’t grow and that doesn’t bring in clients.

80% of businesses fail because of a cash flow problem. And the reason why there’s a cash flow problem is because they're not reaching the right clients. And the reason they're not reaching the right clients is because their messaging, including visuals, is not resonating.


The root of the issue is a critical, foundational step most eager entrepreneurs rush or skip altogether.



The Results



Phase I. Magnetic Messaging

Phase II. Camera Confidence

Phase III. Strategy to Scale

We focus on 3 essential phases...

Phase I. Magnetic Messaging

In the first phase, we focus on optimizing your unique personal brand messaging. People remember stories, they relate to stories and they connect with stories. Optimizing your unique brand story will help you pull away from the crowd and stand out. It’s your job to guide people by being clear about what your brand is. And the best way to do that is through your messaging. Brands often fall short by having confusing messaging. If your message is confusing, it will cost you coins. 

And a confused buyer doesn’t buy. Your story is one of those key areas that you can continually optimize to create a direct positive connection with customers, which leads to increased engagement which leads to increased sales. Second, we also focus on getting your brand visuals, which is part of your messaging, in alignment across all your digital platforms to make sure they are powerfully communicating to your ideal clients. 

What We Cover...

Phase One

Phase II. Camera Confidence

In this second phase, we focus on boosting your camera confidence so that you can be the “face” of your brand. Showing up on camera is critical for your personal brand at this point in time because video is the new method of engagement and sales. It’s not about popularity, or vanity metrics, it’s about connection, expertise and value. Not only does video utilize more of our senses it also persuades, informs and entertains. It is a more interactive form of media that engages more people to react, share and take action than other formats. 

We get you crystal clear on how to pitch, how to deliver captivating talking points without memorizing a script, how to get people excited about your offer and what-oh-what to do with your hands, face and body while recording a video. We also focus on attracting your quality, dream clients that keep coming back by being able to authentically connect and engage in a way that feels natural.

Phase Two

Phase III. Strategy to Scale

In phase three, we focus on increasing the reach of your brand awareness and brand visibility to your dream clients in an impactful way versus for the sake of vanity metrics with a step-by-step strategy to scale. You will learn to leverage the best content tool for you to connect with more of your dream clients which could range from leveraging video, to blogs, to a podcast, to a live event presentation for your business. We help you create an impactful visibility strategy to scale when you’re ready to push your business to the next level. Content must be part of your digital marketing strategy for the viability of your business. When you leverage media content you are increasing your connection, elevating your messaging and driving more sales. 

People connect more with businesses that are engaging, authentic and relatable which builds community and trust. As a business owner, your dance card is full and you don’t need a complicated process that you’ll get frustrated and overwhelmed by. We help guide you to develop a repeatable, manageable, scalable strategy to batch your content and when you’re ready, scale to the next level. When you have a clear step-by-step pathway that you can realistically apply, then you are more likely to follow through and succeed.

Phase Three

Agencies talk about SEO, optimization, tracking and analytics but they don’t talk about YOU and how your connection with your brand is what resonates with others.

What your brand needs is clarity, connection, and visibility.  
We guide you back to the center of your brand!

Tirelessly hunting for more clients

The overwhelm of building your brand awareness and not knowing how to package your brand in a clear, magnetic way

The frustration of not knowing what to create, say & share with messaging that will resonate 

Chasing social media trends to gain followers

Overthinking whether you’re ready to scale to the next level in your business

Sounding like an industry copycat

Feeling awkward on camera

Wondering why your sales have plateaued

Attracting more of your dream clients in an authentic, seamless way 

Clarity on your brand messaging

Knowing how to best package your brand and brand story

The ease of knowing what to create, say & share with messaging that will resonate in a clear, magnetic way 

Ensuring your brand and brand messaging is aligned across all your digital platforms for brand clarity

Embracing becoming the “face” of your brand and the Go-To expert in your industry 

Not being a slave to social media trends in hopes of gaining followers you hope will convert to clients

Developing a clear step-by-step strategic pathway of building your brand presence, brand awareness and scaling your business that you will realistically apply

Why This Program is Critical

If you’re serious about...

If you’re tired of…

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Embrace your brand individuality

Have the freedom, time, and head space to be creative about scaling your business to the next level 

Increase your impact  

Have the business you’ve always imagined 

Standout every time, confidently, authentically YOU!

So that you can...

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If you are a good fit, on the call, we will tell you about our program, The Magnetic Brand Program. If not, we will still share next best steps to help you in your business!

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Our program is a more affordable and necessary investment into your business versus hiring agencies, firms or hiring contractors or in-house.

So, before you make your first million make sure your brand is tight

What's covered in the program...





 Online trainings

Live On-Camera Coaching Sessions

Live Brand Building Sessions

Private Accountability group of like-minded entrepreneurs

Our 12 week program includes...

"The [MBP] Coaching program, coupled with Shané's expertise (and patience!), was exactly what I needed to confidently showcase and communicate my services." 

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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What We Workshop & Perfect During
Your Live Sessions...

  • Clarify & Solidify your brand message and brand position

  • Know how to package your brand position and brand story

  • Embrace becoming the “face” of your brand and the go-to expert in your industry

  • Boost your camera confidence and enjoying being on camera - without feeling awkward

  • Create a clear step-by-step strategic pathway of building your brand presence, awareness and scaling your business that you will realistically apply

  • Increase your impact and have the business you’ve always imagined 

  • Embrace your brand individuality

  • Ensure your brand is in alignment across all your digital platforms

  • Monetize your brand package

  • Pitch your offers in a clear and engaging way that excites & resonates with your dream clients

  • Curate your brand presence, user experience and customer journey

  • Have the freedom, time, and head space to be creative about scaling your business to the next level

Highlights on
The Magnetic Brand Program

You will:

Is this You?

The busy Entrepreneur who has plateaued

The hands full Solopreneur ready to scale

you're in the right place.

Time for a makeover!

The introverted entrepreneur who has a gift but not sure how to package their brand

Phase I. Magnetic Messaging

Phase II. Camera Confidence

Phase III. Strategy to Scale

Even entrepreneurs have blind spots. We got you covered. With the MBP program you will separate yourself from the competition quickly.

3 Phases

We focus on 3 essential phases...

This      for you if:

You need to finally Be the face of your brand & boost your Camera confidence 

You're comfortable staying in the background

YOU'RE READY TO BE empowered by transforming your business

YOU don't believe you can be a magnetic stand out brand

you're ready to do the work

It's probably        for you if...




You need to effortlessly attract more dream clients

You're more comfortable staying frustrated & disempowered

I know what it feels like to need support as a new business owner who happens to be a Woman and a Woman of Color at that.

It’s a lot to run your business, have a family/personal life AND figure out how to master your brand messaging, attract your dream clients, connect with your current clients and be the "face" of your brand. As a business, I wanted to have instant success, instant clients and an instant social media following. But I realized a few things; one, I was focusing on the wrong things, two, I was a bit more introverted than I realized so, showing up on camera was awkward at times and three, I struggled with how much of myself to integrate in my brand. 

This made me feel like I was constantly spinning my wheels and that my brand was invisible for people to find. I could not relax and I was losing sleep because I felt the pressure for my business to be a success. What I was doing was trying to be a carbon copy of successful peers in my industry, with a twist.

Committed, I developed a new program that worked not just for my business but other brands. My clients' results were visible and measurable. They were no longer a carbon copy of peers in their industry and they were no longer confused on how and where to show up, what to say and how often to say it. And they could finally attract more of their dream clients with authentic ease!

I’m Shané and I’ve been creating with a camera for over 15 years. I have written, produced, directed, shot, edited and exhibited my fine-art photography, video and film media projects in galleries and art spaces across the nation, including a documentary that aired on PBS. In my early career, I worked in the film and television industry, including places like DreamWorks. I also served as a professor teaching photography, film and television production courses. And I have coached numerous people on pitching their brand/products/projects in a succinct, authentic and entertaining way. Oh, and I went to school a lot, by choice (hello inner nerd).

This has all led me to having a great understanding of what is appealing and resonating to audiences as it pertains to messaging, visuals and video. I have saved my clients, and myself, stress and time all in a way that feels authentic to them.

In order for your business to be successful you have to elevate your personal brand because you cannot afford to get lost in a sea of stock photos and logos.

Please join me in this energizing, straightforward and time saving program.

You do not have to figure out the missing pieces on your own!

You can do this! And you won't be alone.

To your success!

i can help because i've been there

I can’t wait for you to join The Magnetic Brand Program!  

Time to have the business you've always dreamed of!

You don't have to do it alone.

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The Magnetic Brand Program!

Here's some small business branding stats you need to know:

It takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand.

Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

54% of consumers would like to see more video content from brands they support.

Compliments of Small Biz Genius 

64% of consumers purchase a product after watching a branded video on social networks.

64% of women and 68% of men have felt an emotional connection with a brand.

Consistently presented brands are 3.5 times more likely to enjoy excellent brand visibility than those with an inconsistent brand presentation.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been harsh on women-owned businesses, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

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The Magnetic Brand Program

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