(pronounced uh-mee-vo) 
stands for 
infinite memories in, infinite visuals out

Who We Are

Imiivo, which stands for infinite memories in, infinite visuals out, is a high-end photography studio that specializes in portrait photography & branding photography. Based in the Maryland, DC metro area, Imiivo provides clients with a full-service portrait experience focused on making clients feel seen, be celebrated, and experience empowerment through photography, in life and in business. We also focus on creating custom portrait artwork made for your wall and legacy prints that will last for generations. 

It’s more than just an image.

Washington DC photographer

A Maryland, 

and beyond.

We are a Black, Woman-Owned business. 

The Mission

Our mission is to empower all, especially women, to celebrate their voice & visibility.

We take a human-centric approach to our photography where visibility, community and diversity is emphasized to match your voice.

Whether you’re an individual, an entrepreneur or a small business, we aim to celebrate where you are right now. 

Why Choose Imiivo

You have a million things to do! That’s why our process is simple and pays off for you or your business. 

When you choose Imiivo Photo Studios, we work closely with you to make sure you are welcomed, comfortable and courageous enough to show up in front of the camera. No awkward smiles or poses with us.

We are laid back perfectionists in the best way when it comes to you. We make sure not a single hair strand is out of place during your empowerment portrait sessions to making sure your imagery elevates your brand messaging during your personal branding sessions. 

We edit every single image by hand to make sure you look your best. Our rich experience in media and storytelling through fine art photography makes our approach unique to make you feel seen, be celebrated, and experience empowerment.

Make a little time, you’re worth it. 

The Why

What fuels me to do what I do is the urgency of celebrating now and celebrating one’s visibility. 


Want a little more of my story? Keep scrolling.

Let me give you a little backstory about what fuels me
to do what I do. 

First, it never occurred to me that my mother would ever not be around.

She was my Superwoman.

And I took for granted that my mother would always be present to witness the many milestones I had yet to reach. 

After she passed away, I found myself wishing I had more portraits of the woman who was always behind the camera. 

for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one knows the significance of each moment we have and pricelessness of each memory we have. 

A little about my story

Hi, I’m Shané (pronounced shuh-nay).

Whether you’re celebrating a life milestone, transformation, capturing a generation or building a business, portraits are more than just an image. 

Portraits are more than just images or digital files on a computer. They are history, memory, transformation, moments, celebration and a journey recorded for generations to come. 

I’ve been creating with a camera for almost 20 years. I have written, produced, directed, shot, edited and exhibited my work in galleries and art spaces across the nation, including co-producing a documentary that aired on PBS. In my early career, I worked in the film and television industry and served as a professor for years. I have also coached numerous people on pitching their brands in a succinct, authentic and engaging way. 

Oh, and I went to school a lot, by choice (hello inner nerd) including NYU for film, Howard U. for a Master’s in mass communications and media studies and an MFA from SAIC in photography.

I am a laid back perfectionist in the best way when it comes to you. My rich experience in media and storytelling through fine art photography makes my approach unique to make you feel seen, be celebrated, and experience empowerment!

Celebrate your voice & visibility!


I'm all about

On the Lighter Side...

Gummy Bears

A great film

Homemade baked goods  

Making my little one laugh

And Not to Brag But...

Ping Pong


Music Playlists 

I’m above average at

My alias is DJ Né

That's why

I'm here

To help you

Feel seen,
be celebrated,
experience empowerment!

Not in retrospect.


Your turn. what's your story?

We're ready when you are.

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