(pronounced ih-MEE-voh) 

I will learn about you, guide you, and even dance with you during every step of the process. 

Introvert on most days and yet, biggest cheerleader for my clients who is so interested in learning people's stories. 

I am a self described... 

Want a little more of my story? Keep scrolling.

Want a little more of my story?
Keep Scrolling.

Time FOR YOU to Be seen & HEard.

Who We Are

Imiivo Photo Studios (which stands for infinite memories in, infinite visuals out) is a portrait photography studio sspecializing in creating fine-art Portrait Experiences and elevating Personal Brands. We help people prepare for their next chapter of solopreneurship and entrepreneurship so that they can serve in their gifts & feel celebrated through the power of a portrait.

It’s more than just an image.

We are a Black Woman-Owned business.

We are also a full-service, Black owned photography studio.

Photography Studio in Maryland

Based in Howard County, MD between Washington, DC and Baltimore, and serving the surrounding areas in between, including Silver Spring and Bethesda.

This is not just about a pretty picture...

This is about your legacy and all those that came before you and all those that will follow you. 

What I know for sure is we don’t know where our journey in life will lead us

When you choose Imiivo Photo Studios, we work closely with you to make sure you are welcomed, comfortable and courageous enough to show up in front of the camera. 

And you get a photographer who cares about the person as much as the portrait. You have a portrait studio focused on the human story to create a memorable portrait experience that results in fine art photography.

Our rich experience in media and storytelling makes our holistic approach to portrait photography and our approach to you unique. 

Why Pick Us...

It’s not just about crafting a stunning photograph;

 it’s about the person in front of our lens and amplifying your unique story. 

My mother was always the one behind the camera but rarely in front. 

It never occurred to me that my mother would ever not be around. She was my Superwoman. And I took for granted that my mother would always be present to witness the many milestones I had yet to reach. After she passed away, I found myself wishing I had more portraits of the woman who was always behind the camera. 

Hi, I’m Shané (pronounced shuh-nay).


The Why

There was a lot of her story, her journey, that had yet to be revealed. It left me more curious.

Everything I do is with thought of how it impacts or benefits my little one.

Now that I have a little talkative, forever-moving boy, more questions about her journey as a woman, a wife, a mother, a sister and budding entrepreneur arise. Was her journey, in the ways I don’t know, parallel to mine? For my little one, I think about generational heirlooms that are loaded with history and story. 

What fuels me to do what I do is the urgency of honoring who one is now and the story of their journey. For present day and future preservation, from individuals celebrating generations to businesses celebrating community, we believe in amplifying stories. 


At the turn of the 20th century, it was a big deal to have your portrait taken, no matter who you were. For my ancestors and other marginalized groups, this was an even bigger deal because having your portrait taken and displayed in your home symbolized dignity, pride and progress of people who were once regarded as less than. It symbolized visibility in a society that at deliberate times regarded marginalized groups invisible. My family doesn’t have many images of ancestors before the mid 20th century. And I believe that visible legacy is important for generations behind us to see and interact with.

Portraits are more than just images or digital files on a computer. They are history, memory, transformation, moments, celebration and a journey recorded for generations to come. 

Our mission is to help you honor your worth and unleash your superpower, through the power of a portrait. We take a human-centric, minimalist portrait approach to our photography where the focus is learning about those in front of our lens to best amplify and reflect a part of their story. We aim to make people feel empowered, transformed in confidence, celebrated in their journey and leave their mark through their legacy, in business and in life. 

The Mission

Why It's Important

*Nerd warning

Shané K. Gooding,
Mother, Photographer, Personal Brand Expert

Shané K. Gooding is an award-winning professional Portrait Photographer, Personal Brand Expert, owner of Imiivo Photo Studios and proud mother of a young one who loves running fast when he’s not pretending to be Spiderman. As a self-described empath and introvert on most days, her aim is to help people feel empowered, transform their confidence and celebrate their journey. She's on a mission to help you honor your worth and unleash your superpower, through the power of a portrait. 
During portrait sessions, she will learn about you, guide you, even dance with you and be your biggest cheerleader during every step of the process.
She is also an exhibiting artist, former university educator, with an early career in the media industry that included Co-Producing a documentary that aired on PBS. She has been creating with a camera for 20 plus years. Her formal education and training includes NYU for Film & TV, Howard U. for a Master’s in Mass Communications and Media Studies and an MFA from SAIC in Photography.

More About the Photographer

Oh, and she’s a grown adult addicted to gummy bears.