What Mom Wants for Mother’s Day

3 Fail-Proof Gifts that are Simple, Unique and Create Memories

What DO you get the woman who you can rarely surprise? What gifts are there left to get after the umpteen number of Mother’s Days, birthdays and holidays? Perhaps in your family, she is the woman who has everything. The beauty is that you have lived long enough to know it’s not about that in the end. What mom really wants for Mother’s Day can be boiled down to three fail-proof gifts that are simple, unique and create memories.

Let’s keep this simple.

It’s not about more flowers, more dinner reservations, or more gift receipts.  

So what is it about?

1. A New Experience

What mom wants for Mother’s Day is a new experience.

Brunch is one thing but a new experience creates an unforgettable memory. I do not mean a mani/pedi experience. I’m talking about an experience she would not dare to treat herself to. A stimulating experience that will make a mark for years to come. It’s really about creating another memory for her to reflect upon, to smile about, to laugh about, to share about.

Even if your mother would relish in a day of silence or a day at the spa, is there a way to amplify that? A spa day is fantastic but how about a spa day in a new city? Or how about turning your home into a mystical, steamy “natural” hot spring complete with rainforest sounds? 

2. Proof She Was There

What mom wants for Mother’s Day is proof she was there.

For most of the year, mom takes care of everyone else but every once in a while she wants to be noticeable too. What can she look back upon as proof she was there? That’s usually in the form of a sentimental keepsake, memento or heirloom.  

Is she the woman always behind the camera?

Growing up, that was my mom. And now that she’s gone, I truly wish I had more pictures with the beautiful woman always behind the camera. My siblings and I didn’t think too much of it when she was here. We, or I’ll speak for myself, I just took for granted that she would always be here.

And now with my own little one, it’s me always behind the camera and rarely in the photos. It’s almost like a bad habit. So, I’m making an effort to be present in some of the photos with my little one.

Your mom may need more nudging. So, you may have to help her with this. Deep down she wants a little attention, a little acknowledgement, to be in front of the camera, but it is a lot easier to play the background figure when she’s taking care of all the people and handling all of the things. 

Mom wants Proof she was there
Mom wants Generational Portraits

3. To know her “nagging” wasn’t in vain

What mom wants for Mother’s Day is to know her “nagging” wasn’t in vain.

Moms get a bad wrap for nagging when really repetition is the mother of learning.

What is the best lesson you’ve applied from your mom’s teachings? Does she know it yet?

This is the part where you share and have a box of tissues handy. 

What a gift it will be for her to hear it or read it in your words.

One of my favorite subtle lessons from my mother was when she posted the story of “Everybody, Somebody, Anybody And Nobody” on the fridge. And said nothing. It was a story that spoke to leadership, responsibility and procrastination. By this time I was a tween with a tween attitude and my siblings were full teenagers with full teenager attitudes. My mother was as sweet as pie buuuuut, she also made sure we held ourselves accountable for our responsibilities.

With that charming, short simple story, we got it. She didn’t have to say a word.

What mom wants, mother & daughter portrait

Why so mushy?

A mother continues to evolve and grow as a woman through the different chapters of her life. 

There have been times where she has laughed loudly and cried silently. 

Her life has been filled with great triumphs to devastating lows, and most importantly, her biggest joy…you.

What mom wants for Mother’s Day is a thoughtful gesture from you.

Turn the tables. 

The jackpot is if you can combine all three into one. A new experience with the people she loves sharing how her hard work, her teachings, her lessons were worthwhile that leaves a keepsake she can look back on and remember her special experience for years to come with a smile.

So I nudge you to not procrastinate.

Think of a new way to celebrate your mom.

Think of a new experience to share with your mother to celebrate Mother’s day. 

There will always be brunch…

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