Now What? 5 Things To Do With Your Gorgeous Portrait Photography Images

Now What? 5 Things to Do With Your Gorgeous Portrait Photography Images

You got it done. You had a professional portrait session for yourself, for your family, with your partner, for the generations in your family, or even for your growing business. So, now what? What oh what to do with your portrait photography images.

1. Print your images

Print your images on high quality, thick, archival photo paper. This is a type of photographic paper that will display the true richness of colors in your images versus kiosk prints that have trouble with this. Archival paper will also outlive both you and me, if handled with care. Another reason to print your images is so that you can interact with them. Touch them. Marvel at them. Pass them around. And better yet, pass down to generations. We don’t know what the next digital technology advancement will be but printing your images will never become outdated.

Imiivo Portrait Photography Session

2. Create a beautiful folio box

Create a beautiful folio box to keep your printed images in. A folio box is a handcrafted box designed especially to hold photographs. Look for a leather, faux leather or wooden box to keep your images in. I recommend that you matte your images to give your prints an extra polished look. Keeping your printed portraits in a folio box versus a photo album allows you to touch and interact with any of your printed photos at will. You have the flexibility to pull out a single image to be on display or to put in a frame.

3. Gift them to loved ones

Gift your high quality prints to loved ones. Share them with friends. You don’t have to wait till the holidays to print cards to send to people. Gift a nicely matted or framed print to a loved one, a family member or friend for a special occasion or just cause. I had one client that surprised her husband on their 10th wedding anniversary with beautiful printed images from her sexy Empowerment Portrait session. People often don’t take the time to print, matte or frame images anymore so when one receives it as a gift it is truly a welcomed surprise and shows how much thought and effort went into the gift.

Printed Portrait Gift

4. Enlarge your images to display custom art on your wall

Enlarge your images to display on your wall. This is not about vanity. A quality framed portrait will last for generations to come. At the turn of the 20th century, it was a big deal to have your portrait taken, no matter who you were. Having your portrait taken and displayed in your home was a symbolic reflection of what one valued, treasured and took pride in. Well, it’s a new day and it’s time to see yourself in a new way.

5. Leave space for next year

Leave space in your folio box or space on your wall to add to for next year. You will be amazed at the transformation and growth that you will notice in a single year. Whether it be a generational portrait or a solo portrait. Your life is changing and evolving, a portrait allows for you to reflect on the moments and the chapters in your life.


Portraits are more than just images or digital files on a computer. They are history, memory, transformation, monuments, celebration and empowerment recorded for generations to come. Get those beautiful images off the screen and on your wall!

If you’d like to find out how we can guide you during your portrait session, schedule your free consultation call here.  

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