How Do You Make Your Business Brand Magnetic?

Especially as a Woman Entrepreneur

magnetic brand

The truth is, you have to position yourself as the go-to expert, connoisseur, master, sensei – you catch my drift. And that relates to your messaging more than your experience. And your messaging must connect with your ideal customer on a human-centric level that is relatable. And after you get crystal clear on your messaging, one of the best ways to convey your messaging is through video. Don’t get scared. I’m not talking about long winded, long and drawn out, long for the sake of being long videos. I’m talking about short form, informative and engaging videos that live on your website or that you use on your social media platforms.

After you fine tune your messaging and begin implementing video in your digital marketing and awareness campaigns the next crucial step is to create a strategy to sustain your brand presence. You do not need to outsource to a marketing firm to do this. In fact, that can work against you. People can sniff out an inauthentic message, caption or stock photo a mile away and that all speaks volumes about your messaging and your brand. 

If your sales have plateaued, your authentic connections have dwindled and your brand is turning into a carbon copy of your business peers aka competitors then it’s time to consider a way to revive your business brand. 

It all boils down to three major areas…

  1. Your Messaging 

Your brand messaging and your brand visuals communicate at all times. Therefore, they need to be distinctive and punctuate your brand personality. Underestimating the importance of having clear, cohesive and consistent messaging for your business is the biggest problem area that entrepreneurs constantly grapple with. And this messaging is communicated through every aspect of your brand like your brand visuals and user experience with your brand. 

Businesses often fall short by having confusing messaging. If your message is confusing, it will cost you coins. And a confused buyer doesn’t buy. Your messaging and how you deliver your messaging  is one of those key areas that you can continually optimize to create a direct positive connection with customers, which leads to increased engagement which leads to increased sales. 

  1. Your Camera Confidence 

Showing up on camera is critical for your personal brand at this point in time because video is the new method of engagement and sales. It’s not about popularity, or vanity metrics, it’s about connection, expertise and value. Not only does video utilize more of our senses it also persuades, informs and entertains. It is a more interactive form of media that engages more people to react, share and take action than other formats. 

Plus, video is not going anywhere for digital marketing. In fact, the pandemic has been brutal especially for women entrepreneurs. But what it has also done is dramatically increased the amount of video we all consume online. 

While you may not have a clue on what to say, how much to say or know how to be vulnerable, that can all be learned. What happens when you don’t make the attempt and effort to show up on camera is that you miss opportunities. These are missed opportunities to connect, build trust and convert more sales. These are also missed opportunities to reach more of your dream clients.

Imagine getting crystal clear on how to pitch, how to deliver captivating talking points without memorizing a script, how to get people excited about your offer and what-oh-what to do with your hands, face and body while recording a video? It is possible to focus on attracting your quality, dream clients that keep coming back by being able to authentically connect and engage in a way that feels natural.

3. Your Strategy to Scale Your Brand Awareness  

Now working on the first two; messaging and your camera confidence will mean zilch if you do not have a clear strategy to show up and scale. You want to have an impactful visibility strategy to scale when you’re ready to push your business to the next level. 

People connect more with brands that are engaging, authentic and relatable which builds community and trust. As a business owner, your dance card is full and you don’t need a complicated process that you’ll get frustrated and overwhelmed by. You need a guide to develop a repeatable, manageable, scalable strategy so that when you’re ready, you can scale to the next level. When you have a clear step-by-step pathway that you can realistically apply, then you are more likely to follow through and succeed.

As a business owner, your dance card is full and you don’t need a complicated process that you’ll get frustrated and overwhelmed by.

It is not enough these days to be a business that does not integrate any sort of brand personality and personal connection. Your messaging has to be crystal clear in order to attract the dream client who is looking for what you have to offer. That also means showing up on camera and letting your clients and prospective clients learn about you, relate to you and connect with you. Once you are reaching your ideal clients with ease then you need to leverage your messaging by having a strategy to scale. 

This can all be done and yes, you can do this.

If you’d like to take the next step to becoming a magnetic brand, learn about our signature program, The Magnetic Brand Program, so that you can attract your dream clients fast or schedule your FREE strategy session call.   

And as always, remember, you work way too hard to blend in!


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