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What fuels me to do what I do is the urgency of celebrating now. I love my family and friends dearly and wish I had more photo and video of the loved ones who have passed away who were so instrumental in my development, including my Superwoman hero, my mom. And for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one knows the significance and pricelessness of each moment we have.

But that’s not the only fuel I got!

I am extremely passionate about helping Women-Owned and WOC (Women of Color) businesses and brands, whether you’re a fellow photographer, publicist, speaker, restaurant owner, organization and the list goes on and on. I know what it feels like to need support as a new business owner, who happens to be a woman and a WOC at that. I know what it’s like to handle ALL the things and later realize you missed some blind spots. I would not want any woman to have to navigate the waters of entrepreneurship without support. If I have the ability to help, I am all in because I want to see women like me win!

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